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We have some very sad news about Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom started dating right after dating 2016. However, a year later, they separated. Subsequently, information began to appear in the press that the couple is back together. They were seen on numerous occasions while dating. In February 2018, Perry and Bloom resumed their relationship at the initiative of the singer.It is known that the couple began dating immediately after meeting at the Golden Globe Awards after-party in January 2016.

However, interesting was the very beginning of their relationship. So, according to Katy Perry they started dating thanks to a burger, which, the actor then took from her table. "At the after-party alcohol is usually more than food, so then I was a little hungry. At our table sat Denzel Washington, and when they brought burgers, I did not know who ordered them, so I asked Denzel: "Dude, can I have a burger, please?". And, oddly enough, he let me have one, having counted them beforehand. When Katie came over, I just winked at her and that was it," the actor admitted.

However, a little later, when he was on stage, looked at Katie and she really liked it and decided to immediately hit on her.Even on the pictures taken and that evening it was clear that between them raged passion. They had fun all night and did not hide at all, leaving in the morning together.So, from the beginning of the affair, the couple did not hide it at all. It quite often fell into the lenses of photographers. They were seen at Adele's concert, on vacation, at music festivals and Cannes.Orlando even introduced the chosen one to his mother, who is his closest person, so his decision regarding such an act was a manifestation of seriousness of intentions in relation to Kathy.However, even despite this together officially confirm their relationship, the couple was in no hurry. Only for nine months, the singer decided to call the actor "his boyfriend".Unfortunately, after such a turbulent beginning of the novel, the relationship of the couple almost came to naught. Bloom plunged headfirst into another project, and Perry continued to tour actively, so the couple spent time together less and less often, so the maelstrom of passion in the relationship faded away.

As a result, already in the fall of 2017 there was talk of a breakup, but officially it became known in the early spring. Their representatives announced that Katy and Orlando decided to break off the relationship, while remaining friends.Then Parry even radically changed her image, cutting off her long black hair and recoloring it in a whitish color.

During the period of the couple's breakup, they were both almost immediately attributed to new relationships with others, but they were quite short-lived.However, already in August 2017, the couple was caught together again. They were spotted at an Ed Sheeran concert, where they tried to hide from pesky paparazzi. But still their hugs and kisses did not go unnoticed

And again, the news about the reunion of the lovers kept secret for at least six months. They were quite often seen together, but they preferred not to comment on the restoration of their relationship.

However, it was Katie who was the first to spill the beans. In the spring of 2018, she hinted several times that everything is good in her personal life now, and in the final straightforwardly said that she is not single.

Notably, it was rumored that actually Perry herself initiated the reconciliation with Bloom.

"She tried to forget him, but she couldn't. Katie cares about him a lot and wants them to make it work this time. They are back together," the insider told at the time.So the passion in the couple's relationship has boiled over with renewed vigor. In March, Katy in Tokyo from the stage confessed her love to Bloom, thus confirming the reunion.

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