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We have some very sad news about the legendary actor Van Damme

Born October 18, 1960 in the Belgian municipality of Sint-Agathe Berchem Brussels metropolitan area in the family of an accountant and a flower seller.

Jean Claude Van Damme is often compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, and not always in favor of the latter. Jean Claude Van Damme, possessing the musculature of Schwarzenegger, sports skill Norris, clearly superior to both in beauty and charm. It is no coincidence that critics promise him a great future. However, and today Jean Claude Van Damme - one of the brightest stars of action films. Well, the actor has long gone to his goal, and the fact that he was able to achieve it - first of all, his great personal merit.

Coming from a poor family, he grew up thin, sickly child, and only the dream of becoming an actor led the teenager in sports, turning him into a handsome athlete. The opening of his own sports school in Brussels, commercial success could not satisfy Van Damme, who persistently strived for his dream.

It was the desire to star in the movie made him quit the successful business and go across the ocean - in America, where at first the future star was not easy. What only classes did not try Jean-Claude: he had to work and chauffeur, and bouncer in the restaurant, and a salesman in the store. And constantly participate in kinoprobah, the result of which was invariably negative ... Absolutely desperate, Jean Claude Van Damme writes a letter to the director and producer M. Golan, offering his services and asking for a date.

 The meeting took place, and it is difficult to say what had a greater impact on Golan - the memorable appearance of a tenacious newcomer or puzzling twine between two chairs, on which the visitor sat down during the conversation. But one way or another, Jean Claude Van Damme got the role in the movie "Do not retreat and do not give up" (1986).
The premiere of the movie made critics and viewers pay attention to the dewy handsome guy, masterfully owning his body, and new offers from directors did not take long to wait... "Bloodsport" (1988), "Kick Boxer" (1988), "Cyborg" (1989), and everywhere an invincible muscular handsome man, the standard of a real man restores broken justice. It is worth noting that from picture to picture grows and professional skills of the actor. And if in the first tapes the main emphasis is on the winning external data Van Damme, then in subsequent works - "AWOL" (1989), "Unseen Heart" (1989), "Double Impact" (1991) is present and the dynamics of character development.
In 1993, Van Damme successfully performed in a dramatic role in the movie "Nowhere to Run".

Van Damme's wife - champion bodybuilder, karateka Gladys Portugez - is not only the mother of his two children, but also her husband's trainer. And if now it is a marriage of equal fame people, then when they met with Gladys, nothing foreshadowed him the rapid career of the star, and for a long time he was "on the maintenance" of his successful wife. And as Van Damme himself admits, if it were not for her faith in his success and constant support, who knows how successful would have been the creative fate of the actor ...

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