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60+ Best Gifts Guide + Expert Tips


Do you bring gifts to an engagement party? The tradition varies, but engagement gifts have gained popularity. In this post, we explore their significance, meanings, and offer thoughtful ideas for selecting the perfect token of congratulations. Join us as we delve into this delightful tradition.

Please note that all prices mentioned in this article were accurate at the time of publishing.

  1. Engagement Gift Boxes
  2. Engagement Box
  3. All-In-One Gift Boxes
  4. Bridal Box Subscription
  5. Don’t Forget The Grooms-To-Be!
  6. Best Engagement Gifts
  7. Wedding Countdown Calendar
  8. Night Sky Map
  9. Jewelry Cleaning Set
  10. Unique Engagement Gifts
  11. Map Print Night Light
  12. Date Night Ideas
  13. Personalized Wine Stoppers
  14. Personalized Engagement Gifts
  15. Customized Map Candles
  16. Personalized Jewelry Box
  17. Wine & Whiskey Gift Set
  18. Funny Engagement Gifts
  19. Custom Bobblehead
  20. Dog Tag
  21. Funny Gift Set
  22. Good Engagement Gifts
  23. Handmade Serving Set
  24. Wedding Champagne Flutes
  25. Handmade Painted Tray
  26. Traditional Engagement Gifts
  27. Wedding Memory Box
  28. Personalized Family Name Sign
  29. Custom Succulent Pot
  30. Last-Minute Engagement Gifts
  31. Gift Wine Bag
  32. Love Candle Holder
  33. Bride & Groom Baseball Hats
  34. Newly Engaged Engagement Gifts
  35. Watercolor Just Engaged Map
  36. Couple Mugs
  37. Wine Gift Box
  38. Luxury Engagement Gifts
  39. Custom Wedding Candle
  40. Set of Dinner Plates
  41. Chess Set
  42. Etsy Engagement Gifts
  43. Hidden Message Polaroid Photo Block
  44. Sommelier Presentation Board
  45. Acrylic Photo Frame
  46. Engagement Gifts For Daughter
  47. Sentimental Keepsake
  48. Birthstone & Diamond Bracelet
  49. Teardrop Necklace
  50. Engagement Gifts For Sister
  51. Gold Diamond Initial Necklace
  52. Moonstone Bracelet
  53. Personalized Ruffled Robe
  54. Engagement Gifts For Her
  55. Bride Earrings
  56. Personalized Denim Jacket
  57. Wedding Planner
  58. Engagement Gifts For Him
  59. Personalized Money Clip Wallet
  60. Engraved Cufflinks
  61. Personalized Flask Gift Set
  62. Engagement Gifts For Couples
  63. Personalized Cheese Board
  64. Wedding Photo Album
  65. Personalized Portrait Stamp
  66. Engagement Gifts For Friends
  67. Custom Wall Art
  68. Hubby & Wifey Socks
  69. T-Shirts For Couple
  70. Tech Gadgets
  71. Smart Speaker
  72. Couples Fitness Tracker
  73. Digital Photo Frame
  74. Home Goods
  75. Ceramic Container
  76. Waterfall Incense Holder
  77. Memory Foam Pillow
  78. Moon Dream Catcher with Light
  79. For Hobbies
  80. Custom Golf Balls
  81. Honeymoon Backgammon Set
  82. Custom Bean Bag Toss Boards
  83. Gifts For Couple Who Has Everything
  84. Vacation
  85. Experience
  86. Charity
  87. Engagement Gift Etiquette
  88. What is an appropriate gift for an engagement?
  89. Do you give money for an engagement party?
  90. How much money should you give for an engagement gift?

Engagement Gift Boxes

The most unique and fun engagement gifts are those that help the couple celebrate from Engagement to Honeymoon and engagement gift boxes help do just that. Whether you are looking for a one-time box or you want to really pamper the bride-to-be with a bridal subscription box, we have the best ideas for you below.

Engagement Box

engagement gifts misstomrs engagement box

Embark on the wedding journey with our meticulously crafted Engagement Box, designed to support brides with planning essentials and cherished keepsakes. Effortlessly gift-ready, each box is a symbol of care and celebration.

All-In-One Gift Boxes

Miss to Mrs 15-in-1 Ultimate Bride Box

The 15-in-1 Ultimate Birde Box from Miss To Mrs® is a mega gift box packed with 15 premium products and curated to help celebrate throughout the engagement journey. Don’t forget to also check out a 10-in-1 Ultimate Groom Box, yep, for the groom-to-be.

Bridal Box Subscription

engagement gifts wedding box subscription

A Miss To Mrs® BOX Subscription is definitely at the top of the list of 2023 and 2024 brides. Because why celebrate only once if you can pamper the bride every month (or every 2,3 months) with a subscription box tailored for her wedding planning journey. Themed boxes come with full-size bridal merch – apparel, decor elements, bachelorette party & honeymoon essentials, and lots more exciting products to her enjoy the engagement journey.

Don’t Forget The Grooms-To-Be!

engagement gifts groom box miss to mrs

Make your fiancé also feel special with some fun wedding-planning gifts, matching sweatshirts or other products that will get him excited about the wedding planning process too.

What brides said:

Renda O: “I bought the Groom Box for my future hubby and he loved it. It was nice to have something that made him feel special. Our big day is about us both♥️. Highly recommend… love it!!!”

Nathalee F: “Being newly engaged I got a Miss To Mrs Box subscription right away. Not to be selfish, I immediately ordered a Groom Box for my fiancé as well which arrived sooo soon and he was so impressed by the quality.”

Best Engagement Gifts

Welcome to our collection of the best engagement gifts! Celebrate the joyous occasion with thoughtful and memorable presents that capture the excitement and love shared by the couple. From personalized keepsakes to practical treasures, explore our curated selection to find the perfect gift to express your heartfelt congratulations.

Wedding Countdown Calendar

Perfect for couples preparing for their big day, this calendar helps count down to the wedding, creating anticipation and excitement. Just ideal for engaged couples.

Night Sky Map

bridal shower gifts custom star map

A personalized star map capturing the night sky on a special date, perfect for sentimental couples or astronomy enthusiasts.

Jewelry Cleaning Set

engagement gifts jewelry cleaning set

With this cleaning set, you can keep your cherished jewelry shining bright. A thoughtful gift to ensure your sparkle lasts a lifetime.

Unique Engagement Gifts

Uncover extraordinary treasures that will make their engagement truly unforgettable. Our handpicked selection of Unique Engagement Gifts offers a delightful array of one-of-a-kind surprises. From whimsical creations to custom-made wonders, explore a world of imaginative and distinctive presents that capture the essence of their love story.

Map Print Night Light

Combining elegance and functionality, this night light features a map print, casting a soft glow that adds a touch of romance to any space. Perfect for couples who love to travel, appreciate beautiful decor, or enjoy cozy and ambient lighting.

Date Night Ideas

engagement gifts date night ideas cards

A collection of creative and fun date ideas to inspire quality time together, ideal for couples seeking new adventures and experiences.

Personalized Wine Stoppers

engagement gifts personalized bottle stoppers

A unique and thoughtful gift, these wine stoppers can be personalized with cherished quotes, adding a personal touch to any celebration. Ideal for wine enthusiasts, couples who enjoy entertaining, or those who appreciate personalized keepsakes.

Personalized Engagement Gifts

Our collection features customized treasures that uniquely capture the essence of a couple’s commitment, offering a touch of personalization that elevates the significance of this momentous milestone.

Customized Map Candles

A unique gift featuring a personalized map design on a scented candle. Perfect for sentimental individuals who appreciate thoughtful and customized presents.

Personalized Jewelry Box

engagement gifts personalized jewelry box

A charming personalized jewelry box, perfect for engaged couples to cherish their precious trinkets and tokens. Ideal for sentimental souls.

Wine & Whiskey Gift Set

A sophisticated gift set comprising high-quality wine and whiskey glasses. Ideal for wine connoisseurs or whiskey enthusiasts who enjoy savoring their favorite beverages in style.

Funny Engagement Gifts

Explore a delightful selection of funny engagement gifts that are sure to bring laughter and joy to the newly engaged couple. From witty keepsakes to amusing accessories, these lighthearted presents add a playful twist to their special occasion. Discover the perfect gift to bring smiles and laughter to their journey ahead!

Custom Bobblehead

engagement gifts custom bobblehead

Put smiles on their faces with a custom bobblehead – a wonderfully fun and heartfelt gift for the happy newlyweds to cherish.

Dog Tag

engagement gifts dog tag

A stylish and cute accessory perfect for dog owners or pet lovers.

Funny Gift Set

A hilarious and whimsical gift bundle that will bring joy to those with a great sense of humor.

Good Engagement Gifts

Celebrate love and commitment with our selection of good engagement gifts. Explore thoughtful and enchanting presents that capture the essence of this significant moment. From elegant mementos to practical treasures, discover the perfect gesture to express your congratulations and bestow blessings upon the newly engaged couple.

Handmade Serving Set

engagement gifts handmade serving set

A beautifully crafted serving set, perfect for couples who love hosting gatherings and enjoy displaying their culinary creations.

Wedding Champagne Flutes

engagement gifts wedding champagne flutes

Celebrate love and joy with the newlyweds using these elegant glasses. Perfect for the happy couple’s toasts.

Handmade Painted Tray

engagement gifts handmade painted tray

A charming and unique painted tray, designed to add a pop of color and style to any living space, suitable for couples who appreciate artistic home decor and love entertaining guests.

Traditional Engagement Gifts

Explore a thoughtfully curated selection of timeless treasures and sentimental tokens, crafted to commemorate this special occasion. From classic heirlooms to personalized keepsakes, find the ideal gift to honor the couple’s love story and create lasting memories of this milestone moment.

Wedding Memory Box

engagement gifts personalized wooden memory box

Cherished by newlyweds, this box preserves and showcases precious mementos from their special day, creating a lasting keepsake.

Personalized Family Name Sign

engagement gifts personalized family sign

Cherish their love with a personalized family name sign. Newlyweds and couples will adore this custom keepsake for their home.

Custom Succulent Pot

A personalized ceramic pot for succulents, perfect for nature lovers and those who enjoy decorating their home or office with greenery.

Last-Minute Engagement Gifts

Discover thoughtful Last-Minute Engagement Gifts that celebrate love and excitement. From chic gifts to romantic accessories, this collection offers a range of options to express congratulations to the happy couple. Perfect for those who need a quick and meaningful present, these gifts will make their engagement even more memorable.

Gift Wine Bag

Ideal for wine enthusiasts, this elegant wine bag is a thoughtful engagement gift for couples who appreciate fine wines and enjoy entertaining.

Love Candle Holder

This beautiful candle holder symbolizes eternal love, making it a meaningful engagement gift for couples who cherish romantic and cozy moments.

Bride & Groom Baseball Hats

engagement gifts bride and groom black and white baseball hats

These fun and stylish hats make a perfect engagement gift for couples who love to showcase their love and enjoy outdoor activities.

Newly Engaged Engagement Gifts

Elevate the excitement of a recent engagement with our handpicked assortment of engagement gifts. Discover a blend of heartfelt tokens and stylish essentials that capture the essence of love and commitment. Whether you seek personalized treasures or trendy surprises, find the perfect way to honor and delight the newly betrothed couple on their path to forever.

Watercolor Just Engaged Map

A beautifully handcrafted map highlighting the couple’s engagement location, capturing a special moment. Ideal for sentimental and creative individuals.

Couple Mugs

engagement gifts couple coffee mugs minted

Adorable matching mugs with fun designs, celebrating the couple’s engagement and their love for coffee. Perfect for coffee-loving couples who enjoy cozy mornings together.

Wine Gift Box

engagement gifts wine gift box

A delightful selection of wines perfect for celebrating the couple’s engagement. Ideal for wine enthusiasts and celebratory occasions.

Luxury Engagement Gifts

Explore a curated selection of luxury engagement gifts that epitomize refinement and grace. Delight in meticulously crafted treasures and elegant mementos that symbolize love and commitment. Discover the perfect way to commemorate this momentous occasion with timeless sophistication and unparalleled quality.

Custom Wedding Candle

engagement gifts custom wedding candle

Personalized with a signature scent, this custom wedding candle is a thoughtful gift for couples who appreciate sentimental and aromatic moments of relaxation.

Set of Dinner Plates

engagement gifts set of dinner plates dior

Elegant and luxurious, this set of dinner plates is perfect for couples who appreciate fine dining and sophisticated tableware.

Chess Set

engagement gifts chess set

For intellectual and strategic minds, this classic chess set is an ideal gift for couples who enjoy challenging games and thoughtful competition.

Etsy Engagement Gifts

Shop Etsy’s engagement gifts category to find the perfect way to celebrate a couple’s love and commitment. Explore a curated selection of unique items that will delight the newly engaged duo. Find a special gift that symbolizes their journey and offers warm congratulations on this exciting milestone.

Hidden Message Polaroid Photo Block

engagement gifts hidden message polaroid photo block

A unique gift for sentimental souls, this block displays polaroid photos with hidden messages, adding a personal touch.

Sommelier Presentation Board

engagement gifts Sommelier Presentation Board

Perfect for wine enthusiasts, this elegant board is ideal for displaying and serving cheese, charcuterie, and wine pairings.

Acrylic Photo Frame

A sleek and modern frame that beautifully displays cherished memories, ideal for couples who appreciate stylish and sentimental decor.

Engagement Gifts For Daughter

Commemorate your daughter’s engagement with our handpicked selection of meaningful gifts. From personalized mementos to elegant accessories, discover delightful surprises that capture the excitement and love surrounding this momentous occasion. Make her engagement unforgettable with a thoughtful and cherished token of your affection.

Sentimental Keepsake

A cherished memento to carry close. Ideal for sentimental souls who appreciate heartfelt words and wishes in a portable form.

Birthstone & Diamond Bracelet

engagement gifts birthstone and diamond bracelet

A stunning bracelet, a perfect engagement gift. Ideal for the bride-to-be, adding a personal touch with her birthstone.

Teardrop Necklace

engagement gifts gold teardrop necklace

A stunning accessory perfect for any occasion. Ideal for those who appreciate elegance and timeless beauty.

Engagement Gifts For Sister

Embrace your sister’s upcoming union with our delightful range of engagement gifts. From personalized treasures that capture their love story to stylish and practical essentials for their future together, find the ideal way to commemorate this special milestone. Show your sister how much you care with a gift that celebrates love and togetherness.

Gold Diamond Initial Necklace

engagement gifts gold diamond initial bracelet

Sparkling initial necklace – a perfect engagement gift for the bride-to-be who appreciates personalized elegance and timeless beauty.

Moonstone Bracelet

engagement gifts moonstone bracelet

A delicate and enchanting accessory adorned with moonstone gemstones, perfect for jewelry enthusiasts, bohemian souls, and individuals who appreciate spiritual symbolism.

Personalized Ruffled Robe

engagement gifts miss to mrs personalized ruffled robe

A luxurious robe featuring personalized monogramming and elegant ruffled details, making it a delightful gift for spa lovers, fashion-forward individuals, and those who enjoy a touch of personalized luxury.

Engagement Gifts For Her

Explore our handpicked collection of engagement gifts for women, designed to capture the joy and excitement of this momentous occasion. From personalized jewelry to luxurious pampering sets, our selection offers thoughtful and elegant presents that will leave a lasting impression. Celebrate her journey with the perfect engagement gift for her.

Bride Earrings

engagement gifts bride earrings

Delicate and elegant earrings, perfect for the chic and stylish bride-to-be. Ideal for those who appreciate timeless and sophisticated jewelry.

Personalized Denim Jacket

engagement gifts miss to mrs merch emboidery pearls denim blue jacket back

A trendy denim jacket customized with the bride’s initials or a name. Ideal for fashion-forward girls who love personalized and unique gifts.

Wedding Planner

engagement gift miss to mrs wedding planner

A comprehensive and beautifully designed wedding planner to assist with organizing the wedding of your dreams. Perfect for engaged couples who enjoy staying organized and want a stress-free wedding planning experience.

Engagement Gifts For Him

Discover an array of exceptional engagement gifts for him, meticulously chosen to commemorate this special milestone. From elegant timepieces to personalized keepsakes, our handpicked selection ensures you’ll find the perfect token of love and celebration. Show your heartfelt support as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his life.

Personalized Money Clip Wallet

engagement gifts personalized money clip wallet

A sophisticated personalized money clip wallet, an ideal engagement gift for the groom-to-be. Sleek, practical, and stylish.

engagement gifts personalized cufflinks set

Elevate the groom-to-be’s wedding style with personalized charm, a thoughtful gift to make his big day even more special.

Personalized Flask Gift Set

engagement gifts personalized flask gift set

Toast to the future with a personalized flask gift set – perfect for the groom-to-be, celebrating his upcoming wedding and new adventures.

Engagement Gifts For Couples

Make their engagement unforgettable with our handpicked assortment of gifts for couples. Whether you’re seeking sentimental mementos or practical treasures, our collection offers a range of options to suit their style and taste. From personalized keepsakes to delightful experiences, find the perfect gift to celebrate their love and mark this special milestone.

Personalized Cheese Board

engagement gifts personalized cutting board with knives

A thoughtful and practical gift perfect for cheese enthusiasts and couples who enjoy hosting gatherings and entertaining guests.

Wedding Photo Album

Preserve cherished memories with this elegant and timeless gift, ideal for couples who appreciate reliving their special day through beautifully captured photographs.

Personalized Portrait Stamp

A unique and sentimental gift for newly engaged or married couples who cherish personalized stationery and love to add a personal touch to their correspondence.

Engagement Gifts For Friends

Discover thoughtful engagement gifts for your dear friends as they embark on their journey of love and commitment. From personalized keepsakes to stylish home decor, find the perfect token of celebration to honor their special moment and wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Custom Wall Art

Personalized wall art featuring the romantic quote or couple’s names, perfect for commemorating their engagement and adding a unique touch to their home decor. Ideal for creative and sentimental couples who appreciate customized gifts and enjoy decorating their living spaces with meaningful items.

Hubby & Wifey Socks

engagement gifts future wifey hubby socks

Adorable and comfortable socks with “Hubby” and “Wifey” designs, a playful gift for the newly engaged couple to enjoy together. Ideal for couples who love playful and cute accessories, and enjoy cozying up with matching items that represent their new relationship status.

T-Shirts For Couple

engagement gifts boyfriend fiance girlfriend fiancee

Fun matching t-shirts for engaged couples to show off their love and celebrate their upcoming union. Ideal for couples who enjoy expressing their love through fashion and want to make a statement.

Tech Gadgets

Sprinkle some modern magic on the journey of love with our list of tech gadgets. Check out the best gifts for tech-savvy couples.

Smart Speaker

A voice-controlled assistant like the Amazon Echo or Google Nest Hub can make daily life easier. Ensure it’s compatible with their existing tech ecosystem for seamless integration.

Couples Fitness Tracker

Gift a pair of fitness trackers to encourage a healthy lifestyle together. Opt for models that sync data to smartphones for easy monitoring and goal-setting.

Digital Photo Frame

Share cherished memories with a digital photo frame. Choose one with Wi-Fi connectivity so they can easily upload and display photos from their smartphones.

Home Goods

Share in their joy with thoughtful engagement presents. From home decor to kitchen products – we’ve gathered items that will make their home as special as their love story.

Ceramic Container

engagement gifts ceramic fruit shaped containers

Versatile storage, keeps items organized while adding aesthetic charm to any space.

Waterfall Incense Holder

engagement gifts mountain waterfall handicrafted incense holder

Decorative holder with cascading effect, adds soothing ambiance while burning incense.

Memory Foam Pillow

engagement gifts emma foam pillow

Supportive cushioning for comfortable sleep, conforms to head and neck contours.

Moon Dream Catcher with Light

This charming decor with a gentle glow resembles a moon. A truly beautiful decor for the home.

For Hobbies

Looking for engagement gifts for couple that match their hobbies? Delve into a thoughtfully curated selection of ideas.

Custom Golf Balls

engagement gifts custom personalized golf balls

Personalized golf balls for a unique touch on the green.

Honeymoon Backgammon Set

engagement gifts honeymoon backgammon set

Travel-sized backgammon game, perfect for couples’ leisure during their honeymoon.

Custom Bean Bag Toss Boards

engagement gifts oakmont custom bean bag toss boards

Personalized boards for entertaining bean bag toss games at gatherings.

Gifts For Couple Who Has Everything

Unique presents for couples with abundant possessions, focusing on meaningful experiences, memorable vacations, or charitable contributions.


Gift the couple a rejuvenating getaway, ensuring it aligns with their preferences. Consider destinations, activities, and accommodations they’d enjoy for a truly memorable experience.


Provide the couple with a shared adventure, such as cooking classes, hot air balloon rides, or wine tasting tours. Choose experiences that resonate with their interests for a thoughtful gift.


Make a donation to a charity in the couple’s name, contributing to causes they care about. Consider popular organizations like UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, or American Red Cross to maximize impact and meaning.

Engagement gifts hold a special place in the hearts of couples embarking on the beautiful journey of marriage. They serve as thoughtful gestures to celebrate and honor the commitment two individuals have made to each other. Whether it’s a heartfelt handwritten letter, a symbolic piece of jewelry, or a personalized item, engagement gifts carry sentiments that are cherished for a lifetime.

Engagement Gift Etiquette

What is an appropriate gift for an engagement?

Vouchers, gift cards, and packaged cash remain the best impersonal gifts. However, if you want celebratory gifts, opt for decorative picture frames, champagne flutes, or a nice bottle of wine.

Do you give money for an engagement party?

Yes, it’s a very acceptable gift, but there’s a caveat. Give only checks and state your intention for the money even though it could be used for something else. This helps the couple feel more comfortable with accepting it.

How much money should you give for an engagement gift?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule, as it largely depends on your relationship with the couple and budget. But for the purpose of a guide, give about one-quarter of what the actual wedding gift will cost.

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