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Rustic Wedding Dresses For Outdoor Party : 21 Styles+ Faqs


Rustic style is now at the peak of its popularity. You can definitely find it in design solutions, interior, and, of course, clothing. And wedding outfits have not been exempt from this style. Rustic wedding dresses are brimming with simplicity and naturalness, just like those charming vintage wedding dresses.

In fact, a rustic bride doesn’t need any crinoline, rushes, or sparkling details in her wedding attire, but a floor-length cocktail dress in pastel white, milky, or beige color would be the most successful option in this case.

However, finding your very own rustic wedding dress is not as simple as it seems due to a plethora of styles featuring lace, sleeves, open back, length, and accessories presented in wedding fashion. All of those little but important details you will find in our article are full of rustic solutions for your big day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rustic look?

The rustic look is characterized by natural materials such as wood, lace, and hessian, complemented by country flowers, grasses, and foliage. This aesthetic is particularly popular for barn weddings, as it embodies a sense of rustic charm and lends itself to a romantic ambiance. The use of bare wood tables, rough linen napkins, greenery, and muted colors are signature elements of this style, and they work together to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Overall, the rustic look is a beautiful and timeless choice that is well-suited for couples who desire a laid-back, nature-inspired wedding.

What are rustic wedding colors?

  • Champagne. It is a neutral color especially popular for a rustic wedding. …
  • Dusty Blue. It is a wedding color so popular and can be used in all seasons indoors and outdoors. …
  • Dusty Rose. For brides who dreamed of a fairytale wedding, a dusty rose is the best choice. …
  • Grey + Yellow. …
  • Lavender. …
  • Peach. …
  • Sage Green.

Country Rustic Wedding Dresses

A country wedding has a common theme to the look and feel of the gown. The look itself supposes a minimalist approach featuring flowing accents – usually lace, ruches, or fringes.  Your dress must be multifunctional and needs to anticipate all of the actions of the night and look good through each step. This style handles it all.

Boho Rustic Wedding Dresses

Boho rustic wedding dresses emphasize both the bride’s femininity and her strength. The combination of rustic and bohemian styles is laid back, free-spirited, natural, and confident. You can look forward to an effortless look that interacts with the elements and surrounding nature, giving you the appearance of being perfectly at peace with the world and yourself.

Lace Rustic Wedding Dresses

Lace rustic wedding dresses are a popular choice for brides who want to add a touch of vintage elegance to their big day. With their soft, feminine silhouettes and intricate detailing, these dresses are perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding and can be accessorized with floral crowns or simple jewelry for a truly romantic look

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Vintage Bridal Gowns

Vintage is the way to go when searching for a rustic bridal gown. There is no official framework for a rust wedding theme. You only need to worry about being authentic and connecting with nature. Whether it’s the exaggerated beading of the Jazz Age or the frilly frocks of the Regency era, you won’t find anything better than real-deal rustic vintage wedding dresses.

Rustic Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Rustic wedding dresses with sleeves offer up the perfect example of elegance synced with the telltale fringes of rustic chic wedding dresses. Pay particular attention to the weight of the fabric. Some are warmer than they seem, and some are surprisingly light. You absolutely want to look your best, and comfort goes hand in hand with (the forever beautiful) confidence.

Barn Wedding Rustic Dresses

In the last few years, planning a romantic barn wedding has become more and more popular. This wedding has a specific look and the dress must be appropriate. Therefore, barnyard wedding dresses are perfect because they look fantastic in the background of a rustic barn, and just imagine a bridal photo shoot in the hay. Take a look at some of these photos. Be sure, you will be the most compelling bride!

Rustic Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Rustic plus size wedding dresses come in a variety of shades and silhouettes that won’t disappoint. Organic lace sleeves are ideal for cooler months while open backs and delicate frills find a perfect home at the beach or garden themes. Rustic is a very down to earth wedding theme, so make sure to embrace nature-based textures and tones.

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